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A book which states that the creator of said book will always be right. Regardless of the subject of the argument or the length in which such disagreements have been taking place. The author always has the final say.
Coutney:"Oh Hugh ur rulebook gets me everytime"
Hugh:"Yes silly one it does, and thats because i created it"
Coutney:"Oh...Do tell"
Hugh:"Well, No matter the situation, because i created the book, I always win any argument"
Courtney:"Ahh, after all these years you have always been right. So silly of me never to realise. Im so glad you have now made it so clear"
Hugh:"Aww thats ok, I guess we will never mention this again then"

haha sorry had to be done**cya at ur birthday
by Hughdacris September 19, 2005
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