anything that exists, there is a pony version of it
without rule 69
person: i love books

with rule 69
person: i love pony books
by t3r3z1 pyrop3 April 10, 2012
Top Definition
When the number 69 comes up in a conversation and then this conversation inevitably changes course towards a more sexual topic. In rare cases actual 69 has occurred.
Suzy, "Hey Jim did you see the game last night?"
Jim, "yeah Suzy the score was 54-69"
Suzy,"wanna fuck?"
Rule 69
by Durtman! July 31, 2012
No sex allowed.
Can I touch your vageena?


Rule 69
by aknowtherulez July 10, 2008
Melodie is Never EVER right, when dealing with her just nod and smile
Dude rule 69, you listened to melodie, she is never ever right!You Fool!
by deegan450 October 15, 2008
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