The widely accepted rule of mentality that witty retorts, good comebacks, and the right thing to say will always come ten minutes or more after you need it.
Bob: At least somebody will get in bed with *me*.

Joe: Uh...erm.... STUPIDFACE!

*ten minutes later*

Joe: "At least my sister doesn't whore it up with me". Genius. Why didn't I get this when I needed it?

Carl: Rule 41.
by Alcnor March 26, 2009
Top Definition
An internet rule popularized via motivational poster that states that something needs more desu, no exceptions.
Person A: We need more pizza, desu.
Person B: What?
Person C: Rule 41.
by Kagi Omiya February 02, 2009
Rule 41 of the internet: No matter what it is it is someone's fetish. No Exceptions.
(facebook status) OMG!!! I love Disney Movies!!!
(commenter one) Rule 41.
(OP's comment) ???
(commenter two) that's sick...
by wrtbak March 15, 2010
when you are just plain awesome, you win even when you lose
guyfighting in iraq: wow, i'm glad i'm awesome or else that 50.Cal might have made a dent. Hooray for Rule 41 !
by sethkasketch December 26, 2008
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