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There are no girls on the internet....ever .
That night elf is a guy, rule 37 bro
by Yamneko February 22, 2009
If it exists, there is a conspiracy behind it.
37 is the only two digit number in base 10 with the following property: The difference between the two digits equals the square root of the difference between the number itself and the least common multiple of the two digits.

Rule 37 works for everything: What is your body temperature?
by Kokonatsupaifurai February 04, 2010
Rule 37, if it exists, there is a tube of it.
Rule 37 implies there is a tube of everything or will be, like redtube, youtube, pucktube, gametube
by Computeher April 18, 2008
If the cafeteria has mint chocolate chip ice-cream, Rule 37 dictates that one must partake. NO EXCEPTIONS
A: "Oh man that was a good lunch...I am so full"
B: "Let's get out of here...But first, a sample of desserts."
A: "Not for me...too full"
B: "Oh shit! Mint Chocolate Chip! Rule 37!"
A: "Fucked"
by MCUNIT May 31, 2009
If there is no porn of it, then it shall be made!!
Mickey mouse and Optimus Prime. Rule 37 states it shall be made
by Jamonurface January 22, 2009

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