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Abbreviation for "Are you fucking kidding?" Used to express a combination of disbelief and aggravation upon learning something that totally sucks.
Son: Hey mom, you know when I told you I failed chemistry?
Mom: Yeah...
Son: Well it turns out I failed math, too.
Mom: RUFK!?

Jerseygurl113: So I was driving down the turnpike and there was a tractor in the road going 30...
xlDudeman090lx: That sucks.
Jerseygurl113: And then there was a semi in the left lane going 40.
xlDudeman090lx: Aww no way.
Jerseygurl113: And then the truck hit a deer and the whole road wouldn't move for 20 minutes.
xlDudeman090lx: RUFK?
by paul-themapguy June 08, 2009
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