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A Ruby is a large breasted creature with long brown hair, who seeks out men with small penises. when she gets horny she lurks around awaiting her next victim. if you meet one be sure you run away but beware she is very fast
also.. she is bi-sexual so girls be prepared for a loooonnngg night if you come across this wild beast...
"A Ruby raped my husband last night!"

Dan: did you hear what happened last night to jill

Joanne: no. is she ok
Dan: im afraid not... she got raped by a ruby
Joanne: Oh my god... that poor girl.
by horny mo;fo April 14, 2011
7 39
The girlfriend/wife of a Blood (gang member).
I: You see snowbunny over there, thas my ruby.
H: Oh yeah, damn I got jumpoffs but I need me a ruby too.
by SnObunnY May 03, 2006
119 154
the act of humping violently, usually as you hump, your head will go back and forth and/or up and down in the air.
i love it when you go all ruby on me
by roxxanne_rose July 10, 2008
34 96
A period, a term girls use when referring to their period. Like a code.
"argh, rubys here!"
by girl101 September 30, 2009
12 76
A wanna be sex godess
loves to work the corner with friends..
Ruby: wanna go have fun?
Fred: what do you mean by "fun"
Ruby: lay down and i'll show you
by bart lover April 09, 2009
20 117