(Noun) Not quite rural and not quite suburb. Like the lovely little place known as Snelgrove.
"Welcome to my ruburban home"
by A.B. May 31, 2005
A contraction for Rural-Suburbs. A place that is too far away from a city to be suburban, but is densely pocketed with McMansions and SUVs so that it is not fully Rural either. Formerly known as farm land.
Denise now has a 60 minute commute to work each way since she moved out to the Ruburbs.
by dtmwp February 05, 2007
Small, boring towns with a farms, very little to do, but still a lot of houses and people; A town that isn't really suburban or rural.
Person 1:"Dude- aren't there tons of farms where your from?"

Ruburbian:"Yeah, but it's still a ruburb."
by CupcakeNinja September 05, 2008

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