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A contraction for Rural-Suburbs. A place that is too far away from a city to be suburban, but is densely pocketed with McMansions and SUVs so that it is not fully Rural either. Formerly known as farm land.
Denise now has a 60 minute commute to work each way since she moved out to the Ruburbs.
by dtmwp February 05, 2007
(Noun) Not quite rural and not quite suburb. Like the lovely little place known as Snelgrove.
"Welcome to my ruburban home"
by A.B. May 31, 2005
Small, boring towns with a farms, very little to do, but still a lot of houses and people; A town that isn't really suburban or rural.
Person 1:"Dude- aren't there tons of farms where your from?"

Ruburbian:"Yeah, but it's still a ruburb."
by CupcakeNinja September 05, 2008