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Masturbation at its best. Men with their meat. Ladies with their beans. No one ever makes it to breakfast, though they're always scrambling their own eggs.
"Thanks for taking me out for pudding at your grandfathers retirement home, but I really must go home so i can rubber duck and tend to my studies before bed."

If I was ever faced with a situation like the world was about to implode, I'd try to rubber duck before it did.
by BoxOfPies January 12, 2010
1. Floating pool or bath toy
2. In amateur radio, a rubber coil antenna usually found on handheld radios and portable rigs
3. In military training, a fake rifle used for movement drills and ceremony
1. She took the rubber duck and made it squeak by squeezing it.
2. I threw away the shitty rubber duck on my handheld radio and bought a whip antenna.
3. Put all the rubber ducks in the back of the truck and bring it over to the field.
by bleb October 20, 2005
From the Greek Word "rubbus ducktus" meaning "to glaze over ice" A being of supreme snow riding ability, skis, snowboards, dimensional lumber, the backs of two grizzly bears.... you name it, he can ride it down a mountain.... FAST!!!!
"Rubber Duck, do you copy? We're at the mountain house gonna burn down skeeeewwwie!!" NOT, oh there goes Rubber Duck rubber ducking his snowballs all over the place.
by skiboardmazeballs December 10, 2014
When "fisting" goes wrong. Usually resulting in the fist becoming stuck in the anus of a partner or one's self.
Troy and I had to go to the E.R. after we fell victim to a rubber duck.
by Annelise(: January 22, 2011
A crusty lump of drugs left in the bottom of a bathtub that has been used for making drugs.
"The rubber duck will fuck you up"
by meme5555 August 09, 2012
A weakling, a squishy tart with a shrill voice and short memory-span. Now, where was I?
The rubberduck sucked a buck.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
an inflatable boat (nautical slang)
There was a rubber duck but it did not look like it would be reliable in an emergency.
by The Return of Light Joker June 26, 2011
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