The police especially traffic police.
In the movie "Convoy" mention is made of a rubber duck. With truckers it means they are being followed by the law.
by gclarkewill September 07, 2009
Wearing a condom while having sex.
You're gonna have to rubber duck it tonight. You mother-f*cking, c*ck-sucking, rubber ducking b*tch!
by Johanna Hudgens October 30, 2005
1) A guy that puts on a condom before sex while riding on top of a train that is moving through a low clearing. He must use a "rubber", and he must "duck" in order to stay safe.
"I wish Ezekial wasn't such a pussy. He never takes unnecessary risks, and on our way to Florida he insisted on being a rubber duck. At least he kept his heads safe."
by ThatGuyWhoWroteSomething October 21, 2009
What have you been doing?

Instant messaging speak. Optionally with a question mark.
From wbd: wuh buh duh -> rubber duck
<Chris> rubber duck?
<Tim> Not much, you?
by Martin Wilson August 05, 2006

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