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Derived from the name Rosalyn, after the original crazy bitch. When a girl goes psycho on someone and verbally and/or physically abuses them. Often occurs in a public place to further humiliate the victim. Commonly referred to as 'Zilla for slang.
"That slut tried to get on my ex so I went 'Zilla on her ass."

"That skank got in her face so she went Rozilla and stiff armed her."
by daexplorer October 25, 2009
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a afrian american slave who is bought and made as a refund; a desendent of horses or any four legged creature; an afro women who comes from harlem or the bronx
him:hurry up jane or else ill kill you
her:i will stop rushing me
(she never comes)
them:dayum he pulled a rozilla

-your stupid and a mental retard; or your just a rozilla
by sass master; dj lil will February 05, 2010

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