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An incredibly strong baking icing made with confectioners sugar and this off the wall stuff called meringue powder. You will see it on Gingerbread houses and all kinds of decorating of baked goods..but its also the cute kind of smooth crust on your guys mouth in the morning from when he has given you post coital orgasms which can only be called splendid and the crust stuff which was his hunka burnin hot semen is what I call Royal Icing..
" You know how romantic i get around Christmas?? well Jake and i were up making dozens of gingerbread men.. and of course that led to very good sex..well of course in the morning I found his mouth had an abundant amount of his Royal Icing on it....which was way sweeter then the cookies.Thank God he's not squeemish about going down on me even after fucking me into the new year..
by DaynaS February 18, 2008
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