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A smart, sarcastic, persian with a beautiful smile who loves napping.
Get off of your bed, Roxana.
by Anapoula24 August 31, 2008
A Roxana is a fun person, knows a lot of jokes and she can always make you smile.
Also is a smart and very strong person that can overcome the problems of life with a smile on her face.
I wish I could say the jokes the way Roxana tells them!
by therealgotz July 25, 2011
A smart, sarcastic, dedbitc with a beautiful smile who loves chocolate.
by Some dedbitc February 02, 2010
hot piece of ass that is verbally abusive but dynamite in the bed
Roxana is hot as hell when she has those grey socks on
by hahayeabuddy December 16, 2011
A frozen banana usually found on a rooftop.
A roxana fell on my head the other day.
by natonetwoonenine October 07, 2008

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