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So drunk that you cannot function. So drunk that you lose control of all bodily functions. So drunk and hammered that you lose control of your body and all its functions and flail violently in the wind. For lack of wind see example.
Ben Sherwood aka The Legend aka B.Sher comin out the woods, rowdied down on the top step, post-show. He puked, he pissed, he passed out. On the top step. This is how you rowdy down.
by Lydiadavis32 December 24, 2011
A chick who's ass is as bangin as her need to get loose at some party with a bunch of strangers... or the highest bidder.
Shes got the equipment now put it to use.
Her rowdy down friends are going to take it to the face.
by Beillo September 22, 2008

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