To be a rowan is to be a scotish girl with sexy hair and an purtie accent. If someone says " youre so rowan" then thats a really fucking good thing.
"eww dude! :("
by Barunafalash May 12, 2010
Top Definition
rowan- typically related to a boy, but is in fact a generally female name, rowans are crazy, weird, but very fun to be around, rowans are hugaholics need lots of love, or they might do something that everyone will regret.

rowans are creative, artistic, and just generally, intelligent...


rowans moods can swing from distant genius, to hyper spaz, and sometimes, a spazzy genius.

rowans hate being labeled, and will let you know that by viciously tearing you apart either verbally, or physically.

rowans are generally, cat-like, obsessing over strange/shiny/pretty things and love attention, but do not like to brag/ show off to get it.

love them or hate them, rowans don't force you to think anything about them, and no matter what you tell them, they will continue to do what they want, be who they want, and mess with your mind and heart along the the way

don't get cocky with a rowan, they have some of the most evil comebacks, it makes you feel sorry for them and hate them at the same time
person: hey rowan!
rowan: hey person :3
person: what with the face?
rowan:you mean yours? its messed up.
person:(shouting) WHY DID YOU SAY THAT???
rowan: (shouting equally loud) BECAUSE YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF MY FACE!!!!!! ITS NOT MY FAULT I AM UGLY!!
person: WTF??YOUR NOT UGLY!!
rowan: YES I AM!!
rowan: really?
person: really.
rowan: i love you too <3
by feral child April 11, 2010
a. A name for a kind of tree, otherwise called a mountain ash, with bright red berries. It grows in scotland. The tree is said to ward of witches.

b. From the comes the boy's and girl's name Rowan.
a. Oh look the rowan tree is flowering.

b. Darn Rowan ate all the cookies.. again.
by picksy January 26, 2006
An amazing guy who is so handsome, kind and he can be both a gentle lover who hits all the right spots and makes it last so long as well as the kinkiest cowboy down under!!
He's such a beautiful boy, whom if you get you will be one of the luckiest girls alive!! He's so giving and gentle, though he knows just when to take command. He likes wearing the pants in the relationship, but he's just got that way of being that'll make you beg for him to be your master. He never takes advantage and he'll always put you first and make sure you are looked after well... he'll always protect you!
He will always be your kinky Daddy!!

Girl 1: Wow look at that guy GOD, I want him!!
Girl 2: Yea me too, he's Rowan!
by Rowans_Honey_bunny January 23, 2009
Rowan, otherwise pronounced as Row- wan, can be described as nothing short of amazing. His wit and quick thinking make this rowan similar to that of a Greek god in the early 12BC, where sandle wearing and grape eating was seen as a sexual desire. not to mention having a degree in being awesome, and if your name is rowan and you dont have this degree, maybe you should think about having a name change.

now, typically, a rowans habitat would consist of a shed, a bed and a sensual lava lamp to attract/detract any intruders on the premises, and his daily behaviour is also similar to that of an ape.

other than that he is a pretty cool guy!

for example:

Girl: wow i never knew he could do that...its amazing

Boy: yeah, his name is rowan, im not going to lie, im not suprised
by Your Number One Fan is cool February 23, 2009
An Australian Diety of heavy drinking, useful creation and enthusiasm. Called on mainly while in a state of extreme intoxication. Favours offerings of any alchohol, bestows gifts of really sharp knives, and/or beatings on occasion.

See also: Bryan, Browan
By Rowans sweaty crotch this beer is good!

Dude, that cat can totally down his grog like Rowan, it's a miracle!

by Holy crap it might be god August 20, 2007
a crazy and spontaneous person. Normally talks to them self or in animate objects, likes to read and write. there hot and take care of everybody. Rowan's are normal bisexual or gay.
Person one: Hey Rowan what you looking at

Rowan: that hottie over there

Person one: yeah he is pretty hot

Rowan: I was talking about that chick

Person one:..oh..
by Knave hatter July 19, 2011
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