English slang meaning 'ugly'.
He ain't nice lookin' he a rottah.
by Rachel June 19, 2003
A really old person.
"No, I won't help you cross the street, you fookin' rotter!"
by Gregor B. Mofo June 19, 2005
Slang reference to the anal vestibule.
Try and do your girl up the rotter. Cosy!
by Beans v The G May 18, 2005
alex. This bird we kno n shes baaaaad trust me she looks like shes been slapd by manyacock
shes bad her the rotter
by LoopholeFred January 27, 2005
wel ugly person worse den jus bein mingin. der jus mank reli.
errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wota rota!
by lisa-j December 02, 2004

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