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Usually the last name of Europeans, with a coincidence of mostly great artists with examples like Gabriel Rossetti and Christina Rossetti.

Owing to the uncanny artistic element weaved into this name, it's now used as a nice name for anything artistic.

It's used by organisations who are artistic in nature, e.g. Art academic institutions.

It's now also sometimes used as a girl's first name; also usually used to name people cool and hot girls, but in a higher level than a "chick".
Based on the background, it's used to nickname after girls with the element of dedication and being artistic/poetic, but at the same time girls with enough physical beauty; just like the scent of a rose, spreading from both the look and the inner scent.
Example 1: This famous piece was done by the English painter, Gabriel Rossetti.

Example 2: Is she that dancer we saw rehearsing last night at 4am? Such a rossetti; she is hot!
by leah_ciM April 23, 2009
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The act of being a total and complete badass!
WOW! You are a total Rossetti
by PapaBearJ December 12, 2011

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