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Known by some as "Rossie." Is also the best neighborhood in Boston, home to good restaurants, hipsters, part of the Arboretum and atleast three Dunkin Donuts. It's supposed to be 'up and coming' (so there is a fairly large gay community) but there are also projects.
I was mugged in Roslindale but I still love it.
#rossie #roslindale #west roxbury #jamaica plain #rosslindale #rozlindale
by Redsoxnation August 20, 2006
Steve Deossie is from Roslindale, the group Bird Brain was started here, parts of the movies Mystic River and The Edge of Darkness were filmed here. This neighborhood is sometimes referred to as the 'forgotten' neighborhood because it's sandwiched in between the more well-known West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain and Hyde Park. Washington Street in Roslindale Center is a bottle-neck coming from any direction, and the neighborhood is a lot more hilly than you might think.
Where's the monument on Centre St?
You're looking for Jamaica Plain. This is Roslindale.
#bottle-neck #hilly #forgotten #movies #musical groups
by linktalz May 09, 2010
yo dog teh gangstaest part of boston nigga
holy shit dawg those niggas from roslindale shoopt chigger g
#gangster #nigga #anti-whiteys #crakcas #gfdf
by Jesus Chaves July 07, 2006
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