Simply put, a Rose is the sweetest girl one will ever meet. She is caring, and extroverted. She has a natural ability of making the people around her smile or the people, who she isn’t around, jealous. A Rose may come off as a bit private initially, but waiting beneath is a bright and jovial spirit waiting to blossom.

She is what so many guys may call the elusive dream girl, but it is much more serendipitous than that. Dating a Rose is breathtaking. At every turn she’ll never cease to amaze, from holding on to every word you say to contemplating long hours about ways to make you feel special. So long as she is by your side, she will hold you through the darkest of moments. A Rose keeps you going when nothing else is, a treasure pearl that makes so many things anemic in comparison. Common side effects may include an unrelenting urge to think about, see, talk to, or hold her. If this happens to you, there is no use fighting it. A Rose knows just what to say or tease to drive you crazy for her. Her touch, paralyzing. That coupled with her undeniable pulchritude will leave you stunned as to how you were ever so fortunate. Even with all these attributes, a Rose can remain humble and even cynical towards herself. But that’s ok, because you and others know the truth. So sit back and watch as your defenses fall and your cerebral stronghold overrun, after all you are dealing with a Rose here.
I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the gray.
Ooh, the more I get of you
The stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your rose is in bloom.
A light hits the gloom on the gray,
I've been kissed by a rose on the gray,
I've been kissed by a rose"
by AWU August 07, 2011
An amazing girl who always helps you out. Usually dark hair and dark eyed. Funny, usually on the short side. Loving and caring at every turn. Best girl ever. Very sporty and loves to smile. One of the smartest people I know.
Guy 1: Look at Rose!
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 1: The awesome girl sitting in the 2nd seat from the left, raising her hand.
Guy 2: Is she single?
Guy 1: Lay off man, she's mine!
by <3<3oxxoxo April 27, 2011
noun: 1. a flower of one color petal; comes in different colors 2. the name of a woman, usually associated with beauty
verb: the past tense of rise
I picked a rose for you.
Let's go see Rose.
Sam rose from his seat, shaking with anger.
by Kerp March 06, 2004
sassy, lovable but always has a fun comeback, loyal and would never let anyone hurt her friends
that girl is such a rose! i want to date her!!!
by london rose June 16, 2011
A beautiful red (or white, yellow, pink) thorned flower that girls absolutely adore, especially when given to them in bunches of 12.
Guy 1: So, what did you get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day?
Guy 2: Roses and a box of chocolates.
Guy 1: Well, aren't YOU original...
Guy 2: Oh, yeah? Well, what did you get YOUR girlfriend?
Guy 1: Roses and ...shut up...
by Aardvark July 10, 2005
roses in outkast's song has NOTHING to do with vaginas...its just an expression to point out to the girl "caroline" that her shit (which she thinks is like roses) actually is just plain shit.

where the hell did you get vagina for THAT definition??
roses really smell like poo-poo
by aardvark October 14, 2004
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