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An amazing woman that everyone loves and thinks is brilliant.

You may also use it to describe a fun and exciting situation
eg. last nights party was rosalyne
oh my god you look so rosalyne right now
by Rosalyne June 23, 2011
Rosalynes are beautiful. They're smart, very smart. They either fall in love with a stranger VERY quickly and build a relationship, or fall in love too late with a friend that's always been there. They are very humorous, and short tempered . But patient. They hate it when people aren't who they say they are, and when people aren't real with them, so if you're not, you will most likely lose them. They're strong, so don't challenge them. And they are often underestimated but proven who they are.
Rosalyne one the fight yesterday.
by Twerk mastaaa October 08, 2012