A woman of korean descent whom is the best person you will ever meet. Often times will remind one of a mermaid, or magical gorgeous creature. She is strangely musically talented and is quite good at literally everything. Prone to having fits of laughter and a remarkable ability to retain large quantities of food. She is gorgeous inside and out which attracts many suitors, but due to her innocence, she can never tell that the suitors have sexual intentions.
person 1: why is rosa so amazing?
Person 2: ask god
by whom? March 02, 2012
A Beautiful Girl, perfect though she will never admit it. Has Green eyes and amazing smile. She will make you go crazy your so in love with her. Rose
Jacob fell for Rosa as he watched her smile.
by dawnofexpo November 26, 2011
Name Sounds Like Roses Mostly Missprounenced by white people. In spanish means rose, flower, or pink.
Amanda Rosas is a bad ass

White definition: Ms.Rojhas Is please be quiet.
Maby When you Say MY Name Right I WILL!
by Ms.Rosas October 11, 2008
someone fragile, who looks like if you touch them, they'll break. someone very shy and who takes a while to know.
Person 1: She's so shy!
Person 2: What a Rosa!
by sowhatjmh October 27, 2007
A person with extra large boobies and is completely mental. She is a great freind but is annoying when she strangles and puts people in headlocks. A rosa uses her enoromous boobies to hide things within them.
"i just got put in a headlock by Rosa"
"ugh not again"
by AfroNinja III December 15, 2009
Name meaning Pink or Rose.
May also be known as Roe or Rosabelle.
Usually has red hair and dark eyes.
Walks around with a clipped on tail.
Sweet and witty.
Person 1: Hey have you seen Rosa today?
Person 2: You mean Rosabelle, with the red hair and tail?
Person 1: Yes, Roe. She hasn't given in any homework assignments yet.
by theanonymouss December 06, 2010
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