33rd Govenor of California, 40th President of the United States.

Forgetful actor turned President of the United States who liked to eat Jelly Beans and participated in Star Wars, and the Cold War.
Me: Hey, Ronald Reagan want some Jelly beans? And how's that Cold War going?

Reagan: I don't recall. But I'd love some jelly beans, thanks!
by anon.y.mous June 02, 2006
A Republican Satanic Conservative religious sex-act that is a form of "teabagging" in which two Republicans re-enact the sexual relationship between Ronald Reagan and the Antichrist.
Karl Rove held a knife to Rush Limbaugh's crotch and said, "Give me a Ronald Reagan with your balls, you fat bitch, or I will cut them off and eat them as cereal for breakfast".
by Dr.Guinness April 18, 2009
Like Bush.

There is however a difference.

Although it may not be very noticable, Reagan had a soul, as opposed to Bush.

His presidency was a joke though.
Billy: "Is Bush or Ronald Reagan a better president"
Me: Ronny
by Jack Townshend June 27, 2006
The 40th POTUS who served from 1981-1989. His tax cuts improved the economy, but his administration failed to balance the budget due to the Cold War pressure. He did invade several places due to the Cold War, but was responsible for it's end along with Margret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II, and other foreign leaders.
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" - Ronald Reagan
by MT1234 May 26, 2013
The 40th President of the United States. He was instrumental in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and fighting Communism tooth and nail. His economic policies called for less government spending, lower taxes and less private sector regulation.
Ronald Reagan Quote: Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.
by DearCitizen September 20, 2011
Hollywood Actor. Governor of California. 40th president of the United States.

A strong leader and gifted orator, his administrative style and policies have made him one of the defining presidents of the late 20th century and a tremendously polarizing figure in American politics.

He boldly advanced the twin conservative virtues of fiscal discipline and strong national defense all the while exporting an aggressive form of foreign policy that surmounted a half century long effort to contain and push back the powers of communism.

His efforts to minimize the scope of federal regulatory structures and alleviate marginal tax burdens in addition to setting a stable monetary policy lead to one of the largest episodes of economic expansion in recent history.

The man attracts the raw and often irrational ire of of the political left due primarily to the fact that his political legacy is a successful condemnation of sacred progressive principles as highlighted in contrast to the catastrophe that was the Carter administration.
Progressive: Ronald Reagan was a mean, mentally deranged, hateful old man.

Conservative: Why, because he wasn't engineering winners and losers through a convoluted tax system that puts downward pressure on economic development?

Progressive: No because he left the poor out to dry and hated gay people.

Conservative: Oh, well that explains why his gay son still has a high regard for his late father and how there was enormous wealth creation and essentially no net growth in poverty levels over the course of his administration.

Progressive: ...... Most people have no idea who Reagan really was.

Conservative: Yeah, I can see that.
by statuarytalk May 08, 2012
Ronald Reagan = one the BEST presidents ever. President Reagan understood the dynamics of one's wallet better than any president before or after his presidency. He understood what it took to get the economy moving again - and to restore the American dream. His ability to restore the nations sense of optimism and pride was one of his biggest achievements.

Peace thru strength was his best acheivement.

President Ronald Reagan did more - single handedly - to end communism as we knew it - ended the USSR as a major world threat. He ended the cold war after over 40 years of unrelenting world wide tensions & fear.

President Reagan was a conservative without being a red neck about it - he was able to bring about the best ideals of being a proud American. His ever present sense of optimism brought the country back on track after the 16 long dreary years - 1964-1980 - following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He ended the pessimism generated by the years of Vietnam & Watergate & Stagflation.

Ronald Reagan represented the American dream - from his humble boyhood beginnings in Dixon, IL. to Hollywood, CA. and to the White House in Washington, DC. He lived the American dream - can do.

President Reagan's presidency will be remembered as - Morning in America. History will place Ronald Reagan among the great American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.
President Ronald Reagan ended the cold war and communism - and restored optimism to America.
by WET CARGO BOY March 18, 2006

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