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1. A racist right wing conservative who just traded in his sheet and hood for a suit and tie, and his malitia for a presidential cabinet. If you look at who actually mourned him you saw nothing but a bunch of rich white people who obviously benefited from his administration. His agenda was to turn the clock backward for America on everything from civil rights to minimum wage. His condition was nothing new, he had Alzheimer's 26 years ago. At least that would give him an excuse for ruining the nation to a degree that it's still felt some 26 years later.

2. The ultimate natural disaster. Cause he put more people out on the streets and out of house and home than any tornado, earthquake, fire, hurricane, blizzard, or ice storm.

3. The Devil
Whoa! My natural gas bill rate has went up 75%, Electricity up 55%, gasoline up over 125%, with no agency in place to regulate any of it, everything is going up...OH! except wages! If you're not rich in America today you're really taking it up the Ronald Reagan.
by Scandar April 03, 2006
1. Democratic voice of the show Fox News Channel show Hannity & Colmes, who really isn't much of a voice. He sits there and just get pummeled by his little douchebag, prick conservative counterpart.

2. Nutless, lack of gonads, No ballz.
Wow! That girl is beautiful, but I'm too Alan Colmes'd to talk to her.
by Scandar March 29, 2006
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