Often referred to as a sexual maneuver in which the male has oral intercourse while driving with a woman while she is on her period. She then bleeds on his face, and then the female gives the male a handjob/blowjob until semenal excess is spewed on the males own face. Then he holds his head out the window while driving until it dries.
Shuo, you look like Mr. Stit just gave you a Ronald McDonald.
by Mr. Stit July 27, 2007
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McDonalds mascot. A clown that likes you to sit on his lap while he gets an erection.
Ronald: come on kids, take a picture on my lap. then we can go to my playland. what do you say?
by anonymous November 22, 2004
child molester, poses as a clown to lure in unsuspecting kids.
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
The Devil incarnated as a clown, and clowns are evil anyway.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
The real reason for the fall of the Soviet Union.
It wasn't Ronald Reagan who tore down communism, it was Ronald McDonald
by the truth January 18, 2005
A queer ass clown that likes to molest little kids in his play lands.
I got brad'ed by Ronald when I was ten
by Tatanka September 11, 2003
The main mascot of McDonald's Family Restaurants worldwide, Ronald is a mutant pedophile clown and an overall genetic fuck-up with his red puffy hair and his hideous facial features resembling a grown-up harlequin fetus. Was last seen singing with two naked children having their bath, who sang in turn "We Do Ron-Ron-Ron, We Do Ron-Ron".

This was part of an actual McDonald's commercial in Australia, no joke.

Rumored to be a close relative of Pennywise the Clown.
Kid: Moooooom! Ronald McDonald tickled my pee pee again.
by Andrew B July 26, 2006
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