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a character in the Harry Potter series; he is obviously fictional due to the fact that a ginger cannot have more than zero friends
I'm Ron Weasley! I have red hair!
by JopertG December 15, 2010
8 34
The foul-mouth of the Harry Potter trio
Harry: Hero
Hermione: the Brain
Ron: Foul-mouth, loyal friend
by Boaz March 08, 2005
75 138
Commonly known as a character from Harry Potter, The Ron Weasley is also known as when a man takes a Ned Schneebly (or shit) in a girls ear, then smacks it repeatably with his penis, thus causing the shit to turn into a more liquid form, and rendering her ear useless.
Negro: DAMN NUKKA!! Kaitlyn was over P-Dawg's house the other day, and i heard he Ron Weasley'd her!
Crackuh: Yeeeh i saw Kaitlyn the other day, and she couldn't hear a thing i said
by Circle of Stephenie October 05, 2007
18 122