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3 definitions by JopertG

an adjective used when the word "fantastic" cannot fully encapsulate the sheer fantastic-ness of the situation; stemming from the word narwhal, one of the most fantastic animals in the animal kingdom
Is that a triple rainbow??? Narwhaltastic!!!
by JopertG December 15, 2010
a clever name for an oatmeal delivering service; it is a reference to the late 70's to early mid-80's American pop music duo Hall & Oates

first suggested by Zack Galifianakis on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Person 1: Wow! How did your oats get here so fast!

Person 2: Haulin' Oats has a great delivery service and a very clever name!
by JopertG December 15, 2010
a character in the Harry Potter series; he is obviously fictional due to the fact that a ginger cannot have more than zero friends
I'm Ron Weasley! I have red hair!
by JopertG December 15, 2010