generally people with this name represent gypsys,
but in some cases they may look like a cross between hagrid and a horse due to inbreeding.
woaah look at her, she looks like she must be a romany
by dalerrowney March 15, 2009
Top Definition
The correct word to use when referring to the ethnicity commonly called "gypsy". "Romany" comes from the Romany word "rom" which means "man" or "person". The Romany originally came from Rajasthan in India and started their diaspora to Western Europe and further afield after the downfall of the Byzantine empire in the 13th century AD. One of the closest languages related to Romany is Hindi.
The Romany woman fell asleep in her vardo as the radio played Bollywood melodies.
by pentozali December 26, 2011
A sweet short eclectic girl with an awesome sense of fashion and music who is very loving
daaaamn! that girl is such a romany
by abg007 January 16, 2009
a large girl with a flabby vagina.
fat hula dancer, sexy.
damn that girl has got a Romany in her pants.
by kaitlyninsane November 14, 2007
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