romanticide is a combination of the 2 words:

romance and suicide

the meaning: a romantic suicide.
cause of death was a romanticide
by Darling Mannie January 15, 2006
Top Definition
A. "scientific deffinition" The art of loving someone that inevertedly causes ones own demise. The victim is completly aware of the outcome, but cannot bring one self to forget about the person they have fallen in love with.

B. "emo deffinition" When you love a being so completly with mind, body, and soul, and they disease your every thought, suffocating you, and you eventually find yourself drowning in the black abyss of rejection/ignorance and/or attention. Usually the only way out is death. and/or chocolate... maybe friends too... if you're lucky.
Sally loves Bob, so much. but Bob loves Jack. Sally can't forget about Bob, so she is slowly commiting romanticide.
by goodbyePLATYPUS April 07, 2006
Literally, death by romance.

n. Romanticide can apply to both suicide AND homicide committed in the name of romance.
Karen briefly considered attaching her high-top nipple-clamps, but common sense told her she shouldn't kill the poor bastid on their first date, despite her affection for romanticide.
by Charles Miller February 07, 2008
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