describes person who says something or does something stupid and a regular basis.
something a person whose romano would say "Chicagos in Canada right"

somthing a person whose romano would do. kick a basketball at a window and say the ball hit his foot when he fell.
by meethaha October 21, 2007
Romano is an Italian surname among other things and it means literally "Roman" or "from Rome"
Romano-British is a term used to refer to the Romanized Britons under the Roman Empire
Romano-Germanic (disambiguation)
Romano- as a prefix, meaning "related to Ancient Rome"
Pecorino Romano, is a hard, salty Italian cheese, suitable primarily for grating, made out of sheep milk
Romano cheese, is an American English and Canadian English term for a class of cheeses, and is not to be confused with the typical Italian product protected.
Romano's Macaroni Grill, an Italian-style chain of casual dining restaurants with locations throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada
Romano (company) or Chantiers aéronavals Étienne Romano, a French aircraft company that was merged into Société nationale des constructions aéronautiques du sud-est
Collegio Romano
Villa Romano, one of the greatest estates of "Valle della Cupa" and the biggest in Monteroni di Lecce, Italy
Corky Romano, a 2001 movie
Vic Romano, the name given to Takeshi's Castle host Count "Beat" Takeshi on the TV series' American parody/adaptation MXC
Italy Romano, character from the Japanese webcomic Hetalia: Axis Powers
by Jefe de España~ June 08, 2014

Spanish word for "bromance", the love shared by two straight males.

Portmanteau of Romanza, romance, and Hermanos, brothers.

Homograph of the Spanish work, "Romanos" meaning Romans in English.
Look at Jorge and Sean - they can't get enough of each other. I think Sean's learning spanish just to hang out with Jorge...

Yeah - I know - it's a total Romanos.
by syoebius2 November 15, 2012
A temporary form of Schizophrenia only brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. Symptoms are complete memory loss, squinty eyes, irrational thoughts and contradictory thoughts.
Daniel: Dude, is Alex alright? He's squinting pretty bad?
Brad: He's a had a few too many and turned into Romano... keep your distance and don't take anything he says seriously.
by JawjioH June 11, 2013
A really really really really really really really really really gay kid.
That kid is such a romanos.
by assfuckers October 21, 2007
An adjective used to describe a member of the male sex who is not particurly skilled at life.
Kerry: Dude, stop being so romano.
by hahahx23 January 21, 2006
1)One who is acting like a dickhead, faggot, or an overall piece of shit. Easily identified by American Eagle clothes/sunglasses/other assorted items.
2)One who is a chauvinistic and arrogant asshole.
3)One who publicizes nearly all his actions over the internet (especially on sites such as Facebook and MySpace).
1)"tony, your being such a romano."
2)"the romanoness of your behavior is really pissing me off"
3)"dude guess what happened last night?"
"no dude, look at my facebook i've got pics and the whole story I even created a group."
"dude you're being such a romano"
by Opie Suesana September 14, 2006
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