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A Roloff is a 'little person' or one born with the pathological condition of dwarfism--based on the TLC (The (The Learning Channel) TV series Little People/Big World featuring the Roloff family, three of whom (father, mother, one of the twins, Zach; the other three--two boys and a girl are of 'normal stature'.

Dwarfism is a typically pathological condition in which the physical size of a person, animal, or plant is well below
I don't think a Roloff would be running with the bulls in Spain soon. But, then again, who knows.
by sj martin October 14, 2006
Adjective; Pertaining to a particularly short statured individual in either height or character, often used in conjuncture with a pronoun.
IE 'Did you see that guy that just walked by? He was a wicked Roloff!'; 'That girl was being such a Roloff the other day.'
by Kitrick November 16, 2009
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