Male name- usually given to one self in total rebellion against the parents choice of name.

A narcissistic, egotistical selfish man. Often a recluse who lives in his own warped bubble of reality. Refuses to see anything from anyone else perspective. Highly irrational, unreasonable and stubborn. Often paranoid about the most trivial of things.

Complete control freak

Can be associated with individuals who are text book examples of schizophrenia. Individuals with this name will have an audience of 33,000 people in their own head. This audience are complete clones of them, they will applaud and laugh at Rojah when Rojah believes he is right or amusing, and will "boo" anyone who disagrees with Rojahs opinion.

Please report any person with this name and showing these symptoms to the authorities.
by hajor November 07, 2011

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