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Masculine, Defender, Lover, Fighter, Warrior. Always fighting the good fight If you're a man he can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. If your a woman, wrap your arms and legs around him and hold on tight! Roj is an amazing lover (absolutely gifted in bed)....If you've got a Roj in your life, don't ever loose him!
"that new guy, there is something different about him, i just can't take my eyes off him, I bet his name is Roj"
by countryboy715 January 30, 2012
A acronym for 'rodjer that', a way of acknowledment rather than the annoying 'heh' or all to common and overly used 'lol'.
Sk8rRIMuk: u wanna play cs?
Cyanide: roj
by Sk8rRIMuk January 22, 2004
A abbreviation of the name roger. especially used when the name roger is followed by hurd, and the person has mother like qualities and concerns.

This term is commonly used on AIM when saying hello to a roger.

Also see "Rog".
"Hey Roj, Whats up?"
by elliot April 23, 2005
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