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a obscure independent alternative/psychedilic rock band from California. The combine complex, relaxed guitar melodies with laid back lyrics. The result is music that is throuroughly enjoyable, while remaining relaxing.

The are associated with Sub Pop records.
"Have you heard the new Rogue Wave album?"

by HesuskristoH July 15, 2006
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a freak atlantic wave, over 20feet high, that swallows ships hole and knocks man into the sea.
the boat was knocked over by a rogue wave.
by suboxygen November 05, 2008
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When a man pulls out of a fat chick, and proceeds to fuck her fat folds.
I screwed your mom rogue wave style last night. I couldn't even see my dick, she's so fat.
by johnnyhangover June 12, 2011
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