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The worst Commissioner of the NFL who makes these dumb rules that don't make sense and is taking away the spirit of the NFL.

What is with this guy? is his life is so boring that he want's to make everyone else's(NFL fans) life boring when they watch the fans are watching the game are something.
Roger Goodell makes the most dumbest rules of the NFL. Like when he say's that the rules for tackling were put in place because it's about the "safety of the players" when it's actually about money. When the team loses a valuable player that they had invested lots of money in they don't want to lose that player.
by saint51 April 04, 2011
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Worst NFL commissioner ever, suspends people without proof.
That guy is so irreverent we should call him Roger Goodell.
by awesome15 May 13, 2015
Fuck Boy
Tom Brady starting to act like a Roger Goodell
by swe360 January 30, 2015

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