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3 definitions by saint51

The worst Commissioner of the NFL who makes these dumb rules that don't make sense and is taking away the spirit of the NFL.

What is with this guy? is his life is so boring that he want's to make everyone else's(NFL fans) life boring when they watch the fans are watching the game are something.
Roger Goodell makes the most dumbest rules of the NFL. Like when he say's that the rules for tackling were put in place because it's about the "safety of the players" when it's actually about money. When the team loses a valuable player that they had invested lots of money in they don't want to lose that player.
by saint51 April 04, 2011
A Man or a Women(Boy or Girl) who has not had sex yet.
I rather wait to get married to have sex. So thereofre I will remain a Virgin.
by Saint51 April 01, 2010
For people who don't know what a SLAB is, SLAB stands for "Slow Loud And Bangin". It's a term used mostly in Texas for an old school car such as a custom Cadillac or Lincoln fitted with the chrome accessories such as grill, Rolls Royce goddess hood ornament, trunk belt buckles, and rear wheel covers.

However, this trend is nothin but East Coast style that has already been popular thoughout the U.S. since the late 1960's and 70's and SLABS are nothin but Super Fly cars Pimp cars.etc.

Texas boys and rappers like Slim Thug think this all started in Texas which it didn't.
Person from Texas: Man look that SLAB swangin down the street.

Person that's not from Texas: What? You mean that car which a Pimpmobile?

Person from Texas: No nigga that's a SLAB.

Person that's not from Texas: Bruh, that's really a Pimpmobile joint Cadillacs that has a big grill and all other chrome accessories are usually called a Pimpmobile or a Super Fly.

Person from Texas: Man that's a SLAB and just for you to know Texas started this shit.

Person that's not from Texas: No Texas didn't, the East Coast such as New York City DID, back in the 1960's and the 1970's and ever since it's been popular throughout the U.S. including in major cities in the U.S.(United States)like Chicago, Detriot, Los Angeles, DC, and Baltimore. Ya'll so-called SLABS came from New York.

And if you don't believe me go watch the Blaxeploitation films from the 1970's like; Super Fly, Willie Dynamite, Shaft, and that James Bond film Live and Let Die, those films showed what was(and still are)hot on the New York streets and everyone including Pimps, Gangsters, and Drug Dealers around the U.S. modified their Cadillacs and Lincolns with chrome exterior parts after the result of watching Super Fly.

Person from Texas: Oh'.
by Saint51 January 29, 2010