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Someone who is completely beast at everything in every single way possible, and does it in such a way where people adore him.
Stephen Colbert is indeed, a Roflstomper.
by Mommy St. Opium January 09, 2011
A killjoy, someone (esp. a man) who ruins the fun for others by pointing out the inappropriateness of funny comments and situations.
A female displaying such unpleasant qualities is known as a roflstompette

An informal variation of "crusher of laughs".
Me: Man, why does Juan have to be so politically correct all the time?

You: Yeah he can be a real roflstomper sometimes.

Juan: Guys, it's really rude to make fun of someone using cool words they don't know. Your mothers did a bad job at raising you, unlike mine.

Us: I guess your mother must really be a roflstompette.
by Promoter of lols December 14, 2011

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