Roebuck (noun) - Someone who is incredibly annoying, arrogant, self-loving and gay. The roebuck thinks that because he loves himself, everyone else does (and this is not true, infact, the exact opposite). The roebuck is widely disliked by both his year and all others. He has to prey on girls in lower year groups as all in his year are repulsed by him.
Stay away from him at all costs for fear of losing your anal virginity, if approached, either ignore or walk away in the other direction as fast as possible.
OMG its Roebuck - run!!!!

Don't ge so gay, you'll turn into Roebuck.

Roebuck to girl "Would you like to come out for a drink with me?"
Girl to roebuck "No, go away"
by unlucky March 25, 2005
Top Definition
A post on an internet forum who attempts to troll others. However, his trolling technique seems to involve smearing shit all over himself, donning a colander and jumping off buildings while screaming "I'M SUPERMAN!!!"
"Did you see that really lame attempt at a troll thread earlier? Man, that guy sure was a Roebuck."
by FArock December 16, 2014
Roebuck - (noun). A derogatory term for a man of low socioeconomic status, specifically, a blue-collar worker. Can also be used to refer to a country bumpkin or yokel. Etymology: From Roebucks, a brand of jeans manufactured by the Sears-Roebuck company.
That's a Roebuck bar over there...ya wanna go slummin'?
by Joe Nobody February 15, 2004

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