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An internet slang term for the website AR15.com
Those DUh members sure do get their chains yanked by arfcom fire missions.
by Mauser101 April 13, 2005
It is a slang term for the website AR15.com, which is one of the best sites on the net for information relating to the AR-15 rifle, and pretty much any other topic going on in your life. Origins of the phrase, "fuck it I'm foing" from member Shaunofthedead. Home of the McUzi rant. Many I Am Legand pictures with members posing in their bathtubs with AR's and dogs, and much more, Democrats, Liberals, Obama-lovers, and gun grabbers need not apply, also see Arock
Arfcom 101, So Arfcom, I went to Wal-mart today, they had NO F**KING AMMO!
by Bandit (AKARAV) July 13, 2009