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To casually drop the name of a famous person who you, a friend or relative know, so as to appear cool vicariously because you know a famous person.
Hey, my brother was hanging out with (insert celebrity name here) the other day. He says they're pretty cool.

Man, I hate Ben. His dad works in the entertainment industry so all he does is name drop all day.
by Wooginator March 02, 2008
A word used to describe the limozine of the late Adolf Hitler, the first car to come with farfignuggen.
"It's Fuehreriffic!" -Bart Simpson
by Wooginator March 02, 2008
Relating to the character Cartman from South Park, specifically similar to his views and opinion.
"My views on hippies are Cartmanian: I think they should be exterminated like common household pests."
by Wooginator January 03, 2009
'roebuck' is a verb, usually used in the sense that a name is "being roebucked". To be roebucked means that a name which in a two name company which previously had equal standing is being gradually phased out. This is derived from the company originally known as Sears-Roebuck but is now just Sears, having roebucked the Roebuck, so to speak.
Have you seen all the Abercrombie & Fitch clothes lately? They're definitely starting to roebuck Fitch.
by Wooginator December 31, 2009
An amusing, jocular euphemism for fat (but not obese). Can be used as either a noun or an adjective. In its noun form it is perhaps derived from the popular Pillsbury icon, Poppin Fresh.
Noun: Hey, jiggly-fresh!

Adjective: I'm not fat! I'm jiggly fresh, damn it.
by Wooginator March 04, 2008

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