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This is when you are at a strip club and big booty girls shake their asses up and down like being bucked by a horse at a rodeo.
Guy #1: Dawg, my girl gone for the weekend, whatchu wanna do?

Guy #2: Lets get drunk and hit up the rodeo show!

Guy #1: Alright, sounds like fun, lets go!
by Randizzle aka NameBrand October 21, 2006
A term used to desribe a situation in which a person becomes overly attached to another person in a none sexual manner. The attached person is what one would call an unwanted yes man.
"I hate Tony! He's always riding my jock like a rodeo show!" "Dude..stop with the rodeo show. What I said wasn't that funny
by Rockbot2010 September 03, 2010
Just as you begin to have sex with a girl you tell her you have A.I.D.S. and you try to stay in her as long as possible, like a rodeo.
"Ooh babe this feels good"
"there is something i have to tell you"
"mmm anything"
"i have AIDS"
"YEEHAW, Rodeo Show baby"
by enormocock May 24, 2009
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