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Poop that comes out like a Jet or rocket, in the literal sense.
After eating taco bell, I had Rocket poop
by Wallowitz March 19, 2010
15 1
when your taking a shit and all off the sudden you fart when shits about to come out and it jet propels it self really fast out of your ass
Phil was taking a shit when all of the sudden a rocket poop put a streak mark in the toilet
by Ben Hoganson February 11, 2004
16 8
rocket poop incredably gasious poop shooting out of your butt at high speeds, because of all the build up of gas pressure behind the poop.
Dude, i just had hard core rocket poop.
I had rocket poop and it splashed water all over my cheeks.
Rocket poop is very releiving.
by jimmy jangles November 24, 2006
17 17