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Poop that comes out like a Jet or rocket, in the literal sense.
After eating taco bell, I had Rocket poop
by Wallowitz March 19, 2010
when your taking a shit and all off the sudden you fart when shits about to come out and it jet propels it self really fast out of your ass
Phil was taking a shit when all of the sudden a rocket poop put a streak mark in the toilet
by Ben Hoganson February 11, 2004
rocket poop incredably gasious poop shooting out of your butt at high speeds, because of all the build up of gas pressure behind the poop.
Dude, i just had hard core rocket poop.
I had rocket poop and it splashed water all over my cheeks.
Rocket poop is very releiving.
by jimmy jangles November 24, 2006
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