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When a man marries a woman or dates a woman but is deep down gay inside.

When a married or committed straight guy is under suspicion.
My husband allows his friends to slap his ass, I think he is turning Rock Hudson on me.
by blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
Rear-entry ski boots.
"Does this fanny pack to go with my one-piece"

"You know it. Some Rock Hudsons would really complete the ensemble"
by DandKQ November 14, 2012
In Golf - a putt that looks straight but is not
I didn't see that break back there. What a Rock Hudson
by CDNMind February 03, 2010
A gay actor who croaked from AIDS. (How about that.)
Rock Hudson didn't have any friends; but he had Neighbors up the ass!
by Pino PP August 29, 2003
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