Using DXM and MDMA to acheive a feeling of unimaginable happiness, outer body experince, music and touch euphoria and some weird thoughts and hallucinations. Use Robitussin long acting and a proven mdma pill. Dont try to reach a very high plateau on DXM, a high 2nd plateau will do just fine and use may be 1 or 2 pills or else you'll have a heart attack.
Roboflipping last night was intense, i thought all my furniture in my room was surrounding me and giving me a hug.
by Joe A. EDGE February 06, 2008
Top Definition
To be simultaneously under the influence of DXM and MDMA.
Herbie: We're at Cumby's, you straight, bro?
Jimmy: Lara croft is fucking my shit up.
Herbie: Are you permanently robo flipping?
by Babyspookysexy September 08, 2009
The act of doing both MDMA and DXM, thus achieving serotonin syndrome. Do not do this combination unless you like to live on the edge, and/or die.
John's Pastor:

John read this erroneous definition on roboflipping, so he tried it.

May he rest in peace.
by Dexquisite February 10, 2011
the act of using both LSD and DXM to achieve an extremely intense psychedelic state of mind.
Dude after i finished that bottle of cough syrup last night i started robo-flipping way too hard!
by mark elm December 14, 2011
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