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To be immersed in any enveloping medium (usually a liquid) to the height of one's penis. The absolute point of no return.
Kerri: Aw, the water is so chilly. Let's go back to the beach chairs.
Jake: Fuck that shit. I'm already dick deep.
by Babyspookysexy August 26, 2009
Commonly abbreviated "BTG", Bird Time Go is the second illest and nastiest 8 Piece Hip-Hop group (second to Wu-Tang Clan), consisting of:

BB Thirst (Tim Ahern)
Dr. Z (Dan Rich)
J Blaze (Jon Burns)
M.C. B-Mic (Steve Johnson)
DJ Oats (Nick Murphy)
J-Caz (Jeff Caswell)
D illin' (Dylan Alexander)
Neal the Real Deal (Neal Beaudreau)

Bird Time Go was formed in southern RI on 8/19/2008. You can listen to them at:

Paul: "What the fuck you know 'bout Bird Time Go?"

Sam: "Lyrics so tight, like a fucking game show?"
by babyspookysexy October 03, 2009
The immediate thrust that is unleashed when one steps on the gas pedal of a Toyota Camry. The propulsion of Camry Power is so immense that the passengers experience a feeling of weightlessness, similar to that of the Gravitron. Camry Power generally upsets car enthusiasts because the physical appeal of a family sedan is by no means “cool”, yet the impetus discharged from the petite 4-cylinder Toyota engine is so astonishingly unfair.
Greg: I raced Chad yesterday…
Simon: Needless to say, you creamed him?
Greg: Nah, son. He had his mom’s Camry.
Simon: But you’ve got v-tec!
Greg: No match for Camry Power. =/
by Babyspookysexy September 08, 2009
To be simultaneously under the influence of DXM and MDMA.
Herbie: We're at Cumby's, you straight, bro?
Jimmy: Lara croft is fucking my shit up.
Herbie: Are you permanently robo flipping?
by Babyspookysexy September 08, 2009
Petite elephant
L.L. Boo Boo: Have you seen Steven?
Jon: Steven who?
L.L. Boo Boo: Steven Plintus.
Jon: Doesn't Plintus mean Petite elephant?
L.L. Boo Boo: It's like how danger is Johnny Depp's middle name.
by Babyspookysexy September 08, 2009
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