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A male that blows his wad on an unsuspecting mexican girls face after a bj.. then leaves her home immediatley.. leaving her with the mess
by statue1015 September 28, 2010
he is a fucking sketch case and the biigest horn dog around, all he wants is pussy and you should not give in to his sweet talk
a roberto
by Roberto the man of September 30, 2011
A small adolescent child with an amazing fear of large burly men that carry chainsaws at Halloween Horror Nights. He also tends to fear most things larger than him. Including Micheal Myers from the Halloween Series.
1) Roberto was so scared by the Chainsaw Drill Team that he attached himself to a tree.

2) Roberto pissed himself when he saw Micheal Myers outside his window.
by KKVaulter October 07, 2009
A homosexual fat male who collects yugioh cards and plays halo in his garage
Wow your such a roberto
by fffffffffffffffffffffffffffff5 February 17, 2010
A "Roberto" is slang for any infection incurred from sexual practice. This includes STD's, as well as infections from contact with fecal matter, from example.
"Had an awesome time with that chick last week but I ended up with a Roberto".
by Nantucket Tuck October 19, 2009
A Homosexual fat male who plays halo 3 and pokemon in his garage
That person was such a Roberto
by yyy456456 February 17, 2010