Girls named Roberta are usually best friends with everyone , they are well known in keeping secrets and by loving everything around them. She would always want to make others laugh or make them happy if they're sad. Everyone loves to hang out with them. She is very loveable and loves to cuddle. She supports everyone in everything and she is the best mother in the world.
Roberta is my best friend, she knows all my secrets.
I told Roberta that I am gay and she gave me all her support.
by spazzzzzz August 07, 2012
Top Definition
A person who is very HOT and has the greatest personality EVER!!! Sweet, kind, friendly. Seems to love everyone! Happy most of the time and tries to very faithful to God. Loves children. Roberta's are irresistable and people are drawn to her. Boys fall in love with her instantly. Girls want to be friends with her forever. A girl who puts everyone in front of her and never expects anything in return. Loves anything to do with LOVE, ROMANCE and WEDDINGS.
Roberta is loved by all. If you don't love her, then you're just jealous.
by sundude123 February 03, 2010
Best mom around. Robertas don't take no crap and are known love unconditionally. Often goes by name "Bobbie".
My mom Roberta is the bomb, but she'll cut you if you piss her off.
by better boy February 05, 2010
"Roberta" is a musical from the 1930's with music by Jerome Kern, and lyrics and book by Otto Harbach.

"Roberta" is based on the novel "Gowns By Roberta" which was written by Alice Duer Miller.

In 1935 "Roberta" was made into a film starring Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Randolph Scott.

In 1952, MGM remade Roberta under the title "Lovely to Look At".

I'm off to see the amazing musical Roberta!
by crazyjen April 11, 2009
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