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1. noun. Reference from an 1980's Japanese animation series called Voltron. An evil and hideous-looking creature that stands over 50 feet tall.

2. noun. A fat, obese, and/or ugly-looking woman.
Oh my goodness, look at that Robeast trying to squeeze into that tiny swimsuit!
by Becky February 04, 2004
44 15
Evil half robot, half freak monster from retro cartoon "Voltron".
"Princess Alora to Hank. We've gotta kill that robeast!"
by Sparky May 16, 2003
33 9
A very large sweaty 14 year old boy. they may smell like feces. and they fall down the stairs of school busses.
May I call you Robeast?
by Joetman May 07, 2008
7 21
A little known animal that wanders through the corridors of a psychology department in the Eastern Cape.
Look there's the Robeast!
by Robeast July 23, 2003
10 28