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a sweet ass ho.. better than andrew...and is a hella cool dude
Robbo made andrew his bitch
by joobagel December 31, 2004
16 22
A gay man who strives to get as much cock as possible. Practices incest nightly with his father and chats up boys.
There is nothing this man won't do in order to get some more cock, nothing.
Gayboy1 - Hey girl, did you enjoy the party last night?
Gayboy2 - Yeah, I got so much cock it was coming out of my ears!!
Gayboy1 - Wow! You're such a robbo!
by David J Wild March 27, 2008
57 28
A nickname used to describe one with the last name "Roberts" or a similar name eg. Robertson, Roberto, Robert, etc.
"man robbo sucks balls! haha"
by supermajic August 25, 2005
59 39
A male with no backbone otherwise known as a coward
david just dumped his girlfriend by txt after a year
what a robbo
by sammy86 September 19, 2005
56 40
a totally quality boozer
wer going robbo's or wot
by MancMatt January 24, 2007
5 1
A feminine man who leaches onto women, rarely leaves them out of his sight and generally expresses embarrassing gestures of love that usually fail.
God that guy is such a robbo i mean he actually never leaves that girl alone.
by BEING MANLY October 19, 2010
8 7
a short nosed wombat who often rolls around instead of strolling around
robbo (alex robertson) a.k.a cool guy
by yuding January 10, 2008
19 18
Guy deeply obsessed with caddick and pink things of any kind.
Hey caddick i thought u were gonna wear the pink set for me please
by robbos October 18, 2004
4 4