washed-up ex-SNL actor whose apogee was doing the 'making copies' skits about a hundred years ago. The rest of his oeuvre is forgettable, or better yet, unwatched.
Rob Schneider was a 90's concept that should have been left on the cutting room floor.
Rob Schneider obviously had 8x10 glossies of Lorne Michaels in a compromising position, otherwise he never would have gotten on SNL, let alone into any of those ridiculous movies.
by adam_before_eve January 07, 2006
a man who makes stupid movies about him turning into something. examples include:
- a woman
- an animal
- a carrot
- a stapler
- kenny
- osama bin laden's penis
I woke up one morning and for some reason had turned into a velociraptor. I pulled a rob schneider

my rob schneider ran out of staples so i had to fold the edge on my essay
by krowkneeklay June 12, 2011
Actor and comedian. Starred in Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo and The Hot Chick .

His mother Pilar is Filipina and his dad is Jewish.
"Rob Schneider is a funny guy! I thought Deuce Bigalow was really funny because he had to go out with all of those horrendous women." said Gina.
by Svava Eriksson September 05, 2004
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