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Massive huge jugs, wangers, sweater cows, milk bags, veiny stale bread loafs, matted nippled hats of doom and thunder. There are two of them.
Fuck me, my roasties just killed a man by the sheer force of gravitational pull. They tore him in pieces. They are huge and scare kids even when I am nowhere near. They are the bogeyman. Huge.
by tumples October 23, 2008
A black female; this is derived from the girls vagina looking like a roast beef. Most of them are fairly dark, no lightskins, they do not qualify
Has been modified to fit those black females that give attitude.
"Damn that girls such a roasty!"
"frig here comes a roasty"
"ah another roasty with her kid!"
by crazyblackguy May 31, 2009
Person persecuted over and over again for no reason; see Jesus Christ.
John was the roasty in the three-state area.
by Vaginal Dave July 01, 2003