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A woman whos outter labia are a dark colour with a texture of wrinkled tissue and hang down and sometimes over lap each other so that one has to pick and prod to get to the hole.

Scary thing is that me and some friends thought that up a year ago and someone else in the world did too, now thats cool.
"Bitches with Roastbeef need surgery"
"How does the Roastbeef come to be"
by Kertef Corobo January 08, 2003
14 32
loosey goosey vagina,too much sex
Danielle has roastbeef,atleast thats what everyone tells me.
by sukka March 27, 2008
17 37
Exactly the same as Meat Curtains.
The bitch is giving birth to a couple of slices of roast beef.
by Pink Jelly Bean November 17, 2004
88 123
1. A tore up vagina that resembles roast beef.

2. Very large vagina lips.
After cream pieing her roast beef, I was hungry and decided to make sandwich.
by steve sagal jr. March 11, 2008
43 81
A nasty black bitches vagina who nobody would want to eat or just use because of the nasty appearance and latent smell that it produces, ususally smelling of the New Bedfords wharf.
Damn, some chick offered me her roast beef, so I smacked the shit out of her...Ewwww.
by Dr. Pipes June 09, 2010
39 86
A cooter that is gunned out. A vagina that is of the loose state, one that which you can fit more than 4 digits in.
That bitches snatch was roast beef.
by justin cantwell May 03, 2004
50 131
Loose Nasty ass pussy that is RED and RAW
i was getin a lap dance from Sarah and she put her nasty roast beef in my face
by Evan June 10, 2004
35 121